30 days testimony

My friend Chris Whitler and his community have spent the last 30 day’s going through the Prayer & Action guide with Steps of Justice. This morning he emailed me and let me know how it went for them. I was super excited and thought I would post it here.

“Our steps group ended and I have to say that the process was well worth it.  We had a some drop off after 2 meetings and I had to find my way as a facilitator but all in all, it was great.  Everyone said that Steps helped them understand more and carry thoughts of justice with them throughout their week.  We all were challenged by the overwhelming stats on how women are the most likely victims of injustice (something everyone mentioned).  We there was some cool relationship built in the community.  I will for sure give this another go..maybe for Lent again next year.  And for sure if we ever run a little DTS here.”

I am super encouraged that the guide has been helpful to people in all areas. Individuals, groups, churches, and even online communities have gone through the guide and through it God has revealed some great things. Thanks so much for letting God speak to you through it.

To order a guide or multiple guides click on the picture above, or on the link here. Also, if you would like to donate to Steps of Justice, an registered 501-c3 please click here.




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