30 day’s of doing justice

So my home church, Momentum San Diego is going through the Steps 30 day’s Prayer & Action guide this month. It has been great to hear peoples stories, and even hear from people that disagree with some of the things we are doing to help the poor. Mary, a girl in our church recently sent me this story of Brianna and Luc. I asked her if I could share it here and so here goes.

Hey Phil this is something cool from our friday night community group. We had an amazing discussion about human trafficking and also discussed the past few weeks-how this is changing us etc…We also talked about the challenge Monday to go without water. When we 1st started this I thought that most would not be up for some of these challenges but God has been stirring the hearts of this group. Luc and Brianna prayed specifically for the Monday challenge and also asked us to pray for a family in need, Hector and Rosella.

This is what Brianna told us. On may 1st after church Luc and Brianna went home and prayed about the hunger challenge and how God would lead them. They decided to fast Monday and brianna and her 6 year old son made sandwiches, which they handed out downtown. That Monday night Brianna went on craigs list to see if anyone in San Diego was in need of food. There was one request, someone  in Virginia posted that her brother, sister-in-law and 9 month old daughter were in need of food. Brianna called her, got the address and on May 3 took food to this family-Rosella and Hector.

At first rosella did not believe Brianna, but got confirmation from the sister-in-law. Brianna asked what other food they needed, so she left to buy more food and came back. She went home, made a list of local food banks and area churches and returned with that info. She brought more food and diapers for the baby. They she went back this week with more food. Brianna said she has only been in the living room which has no furniture, but could see that they have a kitchen table and not much more. Brianna has offered to drive Rosella to a food bank, and she will go back again this week. Rosella does not speak english well, but God is making it work.

Luc and Brianna are so fired up, it was amazing to hear this story and see their passion/compassion, as well as their humbleness, giving all the glory to God!


This story is so encouraging to me, and I am sure to you too. The reason that we started Steps of Justice was precisely this. We knew there was a need and a call from God on us to meet that need. We just wanted to give people steps on how to get there. Thanks Mary and thanks Luc and Brianna.


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