Trafficking and the big game

This coming week HOPE61 and Steps of Justice are joining together in Indiana to host a 24 hour Anti-Human Trafficking event leading up to the big game. During the 24 hours we will:

* Learn about the problem of human trafficking in the state of Indiana and around the world.

* Engage with other believers in prayer and worship to see victims of human trafficking set free and restored.

* Hear God speak to us on how we can take action to stop the injustice of human trafficking.

The 24-hour event will be broken into two hour segments with each segment having a particular focus such as prevention, victim care, or the justice system.

If you are around the area feel free to join us in prayer and worship for a few hours or the whole time!

If you cannot attend in person, we invite you to join us in prayer from wherever you are. Here is the schedule of events:

February 3
7pm – 9pm Prevention
9pm – 11pm Victims
11pm – 1am Justice
1am – 3am Mobilization
3am – 5am Prevention
5am – 7am Victims
7am – 9am Justice
9am – 11am Mobilization
11am – 1pm Prevention
1pm – 3pm Victims
3pm – 5pm Justice
5pm – 7pm Mobilization

Here are a few links that talk about the issue from local news agencies around Indiana
Trafficking and the big game

Colt Player fighting trafficking

The authorities cracking down on trafficking 

Check out the Facebook page.

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