Steps of Justice

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God’s answer to getting involved is simple, love others. We believe Jesus has called all of us to do justice, which means that the problems of the poor and vulnerable become our problems. How does that happen? It happens by  hearing the stories of those suffering injustice (poverty, unclean water, refugees, bullying, lack of education) and serving them, one step at a time.

Vision– Our vision is to see the church loving the poor, the vulnerable and the strager, so that humanity becomes as God intended it.

To see some of the steps we have taken in partnership with others, click here.


The first step to engaging issues of injustice is to become aware of the injustice in the world. When we learn about issues of injustice that are facing the world, our eyes are opened. When we read books, watch documentaries and listen to peoples stories of injustice our eyes are opened. Start learning this October, during October Justice Awareness Month.


One way we can do justice is though our giving. Give of your time, money and resources. Give to a local organization who is serving the poor, give of your time to a refugee resettlement program, give of your money to sponsor a child. Its easy to give and no-one is offended when you do. In the Bible, Jesus commands us to give. Click on the link to see how.


The last words Jesus said to His disciples before leaving earth was a command to go.” Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 25:19). We are commanded to go. Go next door to your neighbor in need, go to Cambodia and share the good news of Jesus to a people you have never met. There are many ways to go, click on the below link and sign up.

Get Started With Prayer & Action

A good place to start is the 30 day Prayer & Action Guide. This will open your eyes to injustice and give simple ways to get involved. The Prayer & Action guide is a practical response to injustice. The guide leads you in prayers for the suffering and gives clear direction on how to respond.

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