October Justice

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12008366_10153565211297808_289600577_o copyIn 10 days we begin October Justice Awareness Month. On Thursday October 1 we will begin posting over at October Justice using the 30 day Prayer & Action Guide.

Each day we will be focussing on a different issue of injustice. All of these issues are prevalent around the world, and are issues we as followers of Jesus need to engage with. We will be looking at issues like:

– Poverty
– Child Trafficking
– Land Grabbing
– Refugees and Displaced persons
– Orphans
– The Marginalized
– Education of Girls
– Sanitation

We will look at an injustice, an organization that is doing something to bring justice to to the injustice and a way that you and I can be involved both locally and globally.

Each Monday will be an action day, beginning Monday October 5 with a day without shoes. We will post the action day the week before so you have time to prepare.

Finally we will have a project that we will be raising money for. We work with the Children At Risk ministry in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Tim and Mel, the team leaders work with a local community providing homes, jobs and opportunity for the families living there. They also run sanitation clinics, home bible studies and youth/kids programs. 4 kids in this community just finished high school. Two want to be a doctors, one a pharmacist, one a police woman!

The families can’t afford to pay for their kids training so we want to help out. The medical school is around $1500 a year and the police academy is  $500 a year. So, our goal this year is to raise $5000 USD. Can you imagine how a family living in an impoverished community will change with a doctor in the house? This is such a great opportunity that we get to be apart of.

We will post more information on the web site, and you can get involved at whatever level you want. Thanks for journeying with us in this, it truly will be life changing.

To give now to this project click here. All gifts are tax deductible in the USA and Canada and 100% goes to this project (minus PayPal fees).


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